I'm An Author! 

Have you ever wondered if incorporating hip hop into a youth ministry is wise? It does seem to be a last resort if your goal is to attract young people. This book gives caution to those who have invited this form of music in because of its popularity, and call it worship. 

"A Divine Revelation of Hip Hop"​
by Kelly Johnson 

A Divine Revelation of Hip Hop explodes with insight into the stronghold of this music. The root of this genre extends further than Brooklyn and the South Bronx, New York.


You will read bold revelations that show how Hip Hop became infused with profane and perverse lyrics traveling on beats that war for your soul. Together they seek to destroy a generation and infiltrate and entire world.


From the perspective of pop culture, everyone agrees it has gone too far. So that leads me to this question, can Hip Hop be Holy?


Only a few will dare to dig deep.