As a client, you are most likely looking for exposure, growth and some public relations marketing to get your name out there, expand your brand or maybe just a "branding" make over.  Off Duty PR takes all of the information you give us to brainstorm, create ideas, analyze and position a winning strategy.  We have a proven track record with connecting

brands to unique audiences through new media platforms. 



Have a story to tell but can't seem to put it into words or you have no time? Our ghostwriting services are designed to help you achieve your publishing goals. From the initial planning stages to the moment you crack open the first page of your book, we will be your very own dedicated ghostwriter, professional consultant, and industry expert.  With over 15 years of professional writing experience and some technical writing savvy, we help you create your own legacy with your story.


Grant Writing

We are conduits for success who speak and write the grant "language." We prepare proposals for your organization to compete for needed funding for public mission, education and service benefit.  





We provide proofreading and editing services for non-profits, students, authors, international students and faculty, business and government professionals, or any person who needs a flawless written product.  Even for your existing materials such as brochures, business manuals, newsletters and email blasts that need some refreshing, we can help! 


Press​ & Social Media

All PR is not and without PR, no one will know about you.  Using your existing collateral, we prepare compelling press for you. Whether it be a release or a marketable news story, we can do it.  With a detailed  analysis of your landscape, we are able to provide you with recommendations that can bring the most success to your brand.  We write content to support and manage your social media campaigns.  Yes, you know your topic best but give it to us and we will take this task off your plate.  We can help you maximize your time and resources by translating your expertise, raw thoughts and data into media-ready prose.


We produce and edit written content on social media, online media, print and B2B materials.  Almost all of our work has been used marketing, advertising and brand awareness in the public and private sector.