Spin crowds delight with posh parties: growing marketing trend

Spin Crowds include individuals who can promote anything from a can of hairspray to a real estate property that’s been sitting on the market for several months. Even though they have been around for a while now, they are a growing trend that is crossing over into every industry and almost every business owner is seeking one.

They can be revolutionary where contacts, reach and sphere of influence is concerned. Spin Crowds largely depend on established contacts and business networks to market, distribute, advertise and draw crowds to venues that also need to attract business and clients. Spin Crowds are savvy and they are very good at creating partnerships that benefit all involved. Recently, Vodka 3 was the preferred center of attention at a private mixer hosted by Emmy winning news anchor Corinna Allen and Premier PR CEO Justin Epstein.

This posh mixer included guests who are media members, professors, bankers, event planners and technology consultants. They enjoyed signature specialty mixed drinks featuring the new vodka, delicious sushi, and a live DJ at the swanky MF Room.

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