Jukebox Live: Featuring Kermit Quinn

Atlanta is still the mecca of music and as for R&B this city is not left without thanks to a band called Jukebox& their lead vocalist Kermit Quinn.

He is a Grammy nominated performer who was acknowledged for best vocals for his featured performance on the intoxicating track "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight" along with musician/legend Boney James in 2010. There is much anticipation among his fans for another Grammy nomination in 2011 for best vocals on a song that was written and produced by Actor/Rapper David Banner. Quinn may earn the nomination for singing the famous tune "Evolve" for the Gatorade television commercial which aired at the start of the NBA Playoffs last season.

A fan of music, he considers himself a walking "jukebox" thus came the name for the hottest band in the city. Their choice of venue is strategic because they want to be accessible and accomodate all of their fan base. Fridays at The Lobby in Twelve (Atlantic Station) is the most popular venue because of its trendy but posh atmosphere. Saturday's night's at Barley's on Peachtree Street provides a low maintenance feel but you can expect the same awesome performance that is appropriate for a lounge setting. On Sundays, the most romantic night of the week, Jukebox performs at Straits Restaurant owned by Actor/Rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. All three of these venues provide an intimate, sexy setting with the Jukebox band nestled right in the middle of a crowd filled with mostly women, performing soulful ballads and up-tempo versions of popular R&B songs.

Born to a mom and a dad who are also great singers, Quinn began performing at the age of 4 in his school and church choirs. Still to this present day, he takes none of what he has accomplished for granted. "I really wanted to be a basketball player" says Quinn, "but I'm happy about my career and I'm glad I get to do what I love."

Quinn came to Atlanta for a BMI Music Showcase in 2001 and hasn't considered leaving here since. Prior to living in Atlanta and forming the band, he was a member of the R&B group Intro (Come Inside) and Backstreet with Teddy Riley (Before I Let You Go). Determined not to ride the coat tails of his success with Intro & Backstreet, he built Jukebox and its fan base from scratch.

Atlanta is highly regarded as a city that is very receptive and will support marketing, promotions and grassroots campaigns that are generated by email blasts, word of mouth and social media networks. Quinn has benefited from that and has been able to successfully cultivate a following in Atlanta essentially because there was nothing else like it around. Facebook and Twitter have been the biggest influences on the band and their increased fan base while they create and define their brand. Jukebox is a staple on the web and they always ask for feedback and inform their fan base about new venues and other special events. "Facebook helps me to know the pulse of people and stay close to them" says Quinn who has a huge following on both networks.

Even with their steady weekend performances, Quinn is actively working on a solo project and he will continue to advance his professional recording career. "Music is just a reflection of the consciousness of the people and of the times,

I'm relevant, with a voice, and I have a lot to sing about."

You can follow Jukebox & Quinn @QuinnMusic

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