Begin Again

Recently I came across a statement that caught my attention, it read:

Begin Again As Many Times As You Need To In Order To Stay On Track.

As soon as I heard it, I was able to breathe again because I felt like oxygen was being administered into my body.

Many people discuss their dreams and visions for their lives often. I feel privileged that one would share that information with me because you have to be vulnerable to a certain extent to express those kinds feelings to another. The common question in most of my conversations is "well why don't you just get on out there?" and the answer is almost always "I'm scared."

The fear of failure holds all of us back at times, but as my grandmother used to say "nothing beats a fail but a try." That's so TRUE because when you try you have a chance to beat fail every time.

Now I'm OK with my past failures, opportunities I didn't take, opportunities I threw away, taking the WRONG opportunity & whatever my future failures may be. Whatever you have been created to do, do it scared is my advice to you. As a matter of fact, you should be afraid because its all bigger than you anyway. Be sure to include others who can share with you & make something happen for them. When you do this they will learn to "begin again" without fear too.

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