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Candace Reese has won over many with her girl-next-door persona. You feel like you've known her forever after just meeting her. Through her genuine sincerity and outgoing personality, she naturally engages and connects with you. She's a busy woman who is focused on balancing her family and her career. Like many of us, she is enjoying the adventure along the way.

Learning the meaning of servanthood early, Candace began with humble beginnings in Lafayette, Alabama. Her father was the first African American principal of her high school, a member of the city council and her Pastor. Her mom, also an educator, taught English. Candace is a graduate of Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Her business you ask? Nine years ago, she founded Envision Global Corporation - a turn key business solutions group focusing on C Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Public Relations, Marketing, B2B and Brand Management. Her global expertise positions her to offer strategies to her clients that enable them to seek and establish partnerships abroad; most recently in the Philippines and in South Africa. She is involved in brokering and securing business service deals in agriculture and technology as well. Envision Global Corporation specializes in a wide range of business services for niche clientele. Based in Atlanta, her staff is small but mighty and includes a President, an Executive Assistant, a Logistics Coordinator and Business Consultants. The cornerstone of Envision Global Corporation is loyalty and integrity, creating team leaders and identifying team players. Candace seeks to cast the shadow of leader who operates in excellence, defining the global marketplace while providing coaching and mentoring to those who need to understand what it means to be a serious business professional who maintains long lasting relationships.

An exciting spin off to her business comes in the form of EnviBlu Lifestyle Concierge for customized travel. " There weren't a lot of women in this side of the business" says Candace, "this is another niche market I can evolve in and make it my own." So if you require customized car services for transport, need to attend a red carpet event, reservations at boutique hotels or specialty restaurants in global locations, EnviBlu is the source for you.

What's all this Pundit stuff? A long time fan of Dan Rather and Tom Brokow, Candace is affectionately called "The CEO Pundit" who offers advice and business tips. Much like your local nightly news or CNN Pundits like Donna Brazile and Ed Shultz the suggestions, thoughts, and snippets she gives are enjoyed by many. A skilled orator since the fourth grade, she won a public speaking contest and the grand prize was a full scholarship. Her branded name gives her the edge she needs in social media as she stays in touch with grassroots startups, groups and individuals who listen to her perspectives about domestic and international business issues. In her down time, Candace loves to read blog posts by Napoleon Hill. She looks forward to caring for her parents who gave so much to her in her early years and states "being there for our elders is a huge element that is missing in our culture, I am excited to be able to give back to them."

Candace soon hopes to visit India, Bali and Italy and her future endeavors include completing her first self-help/motivational book.

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