Provoked to Catalyze

Catalyze 2013 was the theme for the collaborative creativity that exploded on November 8th at the Buckhead Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. The high season for ideas had arrived and there we were, at TEDxPeachtree, an independently organized event under license from the exclusive TED Conferences. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, founder Al Myers and organizer Jacqui Chew created the space and organized the time that allowed the freedom to think and flow freely.

TED conferences bring together the world's greatest thinkers and doers. TEDxPeachtree is a local event, that brings people together to share a TED-like experience. As an official licensed event for advancement and digitalization, TEDxPeachtree compliments Atlanta’s landscape as the growing digital and technology leader of the South.

TedxPeachtree 2013 was separated into four thought inspiring components:

• Catalyze Cities – What are we doing about the world around us? Out of our excess, can we learn to address our needs? • Catalyze Classrooms – What do we know and are we reaching for more? Can you work outside of your comfort zone? • Catalyze Creativity – What self-portrait will you paint on the canvas of society? • Catalyze Crowds – You have to learn to make emotional connections if you want to be remembered.

TEDxPeachtree is not the elitist conference one may have heard it to be. Quite the contrary, it’s much like sitting on the sofa with your neighbor, who may be a little bit eccentric but has a huge, worthy idea about how to change the world. Renowned thought leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and educators all make up this list of neighbors who by the way actually live in Atlanta. They graciously shared their social capital and wealth of knowledge with a crowd of over 500 for 9 to 18 minutes each.

TEDxPeachtree captured the ingenuous spirit of free thinkers from around the world. The event was live streamed and was viewed from Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Tobago, the UK and as well as TEDx groups across the United States. 17 Change Agents from around the world influenced us and we were inspired to expand our dreams and go to the next level.

If you missed it don't worry, there will be several TEDxPeachtree independently organized events held in Atlanta throughout 2014. Be sure to get updates and attend because it’s your turn to change the world; we’re waiting on you!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has" ~ Margaret Mead




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