John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship - Pursuing Excellence

Raising the bar in Journalism is a popular discussion currently with technology and New Media dictating the course. At Stanford University, the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship Program is a platform for journalists, freelancers, film makers and news room innovators to meet this demand for excellence.

John S. Knight, was an American Journalist, newspaper publisher and editor. He built one of the most respected newspapers of the 20th Century. He was commited to high quality, independent jounrnalism that served communities and public interest. This is the goal of the fellowship.

If you have a passion for Journalism, you are encouraged to seek out and apply to this program. Especially if you are an innovator who can create and execute. With Stanford, Silicon Valley entreprenuers, Google and Facebook as your network, the knowledge you can build and the relationships you can cultivate are priceless.

Landing a fellowship certainly takes initiative. With support from top leaders in the industry, brainstorming, collaboration and idea creation are all fostered and developed in this fellowship. Not only is it located in one of the best cities in the world, you get to work with some of the greatest thinkers that exist.

Keeping in mind that great ideas can come from anywhere, applications come in from all around the world. With more than 125 applications to screen, only 20 candidates are selected to embark on a journey for 10 months to catalyze the Journalism industry.

"It's better that anything I could have ever imagined" says current John S. Knight Fellow, Danyel Smith. An Author and Celebrity Journalist, Danyel has found the fellowship to be the most enriching and fullfilling experience of her life.

For US candidates, there is one day left to submit your application and proposal for the prestigious John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship. For International candidates, if you missed the application deadline back in December, add it to your bucket list or calendar and look for it again in October this year.

You should have some background in journalism, writing, the news business or documentary/film making. After that, all it takes is passion, follow through, an entrepreneurial spirit and of course an outstanding, innovative idea with your commitment to work with others and push it.

Dream BIG.

Check out the website to read more about the program and the requirements.

"Get the Truth and Print It" - John S. Knight

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