Miles Ahead Atlanta Premier

Miles Davis was one of the greatest Jazz Artists of the 20th Century. While he preferred his music only be known only as “social music”, he is still highly regarded in the prestigious creative music genre.

The movie centers around the late 1970’s and his period of being lost in delusions of creativity and his past. He has a cocaine addiction, a limp, and he is alone. His ability to create music is fallowing, unproductive and he has no muse. Davis has an unreleased studio recording that was stolen from his home. Along with Ewan McGregor, who portrays a Rolling Stone journalist, they take us on a wild ride to recover the music and get his career back on track.

Miles Ahead is Cheadle’s first attempt at directing any film. He also co-wrote and stars in the film as Miles Davis himself. An extensive Q&A at the end of the screening let’s us know that Cheadle had a heavy hand in every aspect of the movie. His eye lens is eclectic, fast moving but very detailed. It was very much like the events were chronicled verbatim from Miles Davis himself.

When Cheadle was approached to do the film, the only concept he would consider was the story that closely aligned with the “gangster” side of Miles Davis. Cheadle felt any other side would be too passive and would not provide an accurate view about who Miles Davis really was.

Don Cheadle has done a phenomenal job with this project. With contributions from musicians Robert Glasper, Herbie Hancock and Esperanza Spalding, Miles Ahead is definitely worth seeing and a moment in time with the Artist is certainly worth the time of any music aficionado.

With selective screenings in Los Angeles and Atlanta, this film is set for wide release in the United States on April 22, 2016.

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