Ludacris Filming Fast 8

We all know the faces and voices of some of the most famous people in entertainment. Ludacris is a three-time Grammy winner who also boasts a Screen Actors Guild Award, MTV Video Music Award and nine BET Awards. All of his albums have achieved multiple platinum and gold status on the music charts. He is a fan favorite and Atlanta’s very own.

Before the music, blockbuster movies and garnering his own awards, Ludacris enjoyed a successful career in radio on the airwaves of Atlanta. He reminisced as he expressed “Radio definitely prepared me for something like this because there were things I learned and mastered like diction, enunciation, how to pattern my speech to be unique, effective and to be remembered.”

Outside of Hip Hop, acting is his favorite work these days. Having completed several projects and now with “Fast 8” in pre-production, Ludacris says, “this gives me the challenge I need when I step into another person’s shoes; to see things in a different light and stretch my ability as an actor.”

In addition to “Fast 8” Ludacris has new music coming out and will appear on “Inside the Label.” The show, which was inspired by the prime time drama series “Empire”, will unfold true stories behind Hip Hop’s iconic labels. The eight-week series is now airing Tuesday nights on BET.

Anywhere the music is, Atlanta will be there also.

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