African Union Announces All Africa Passport

In the spirit of unity, Africa has introduced the "all Africa passport." First approved in 2014, it will launch at the 27th AU Summit in Rwanda this month.

Proposed to dissolve border restrictions, it increases opportunities for trade within the continent and will ultimately boost the economy overall.

Anyone with a A.U. passport would be allowed to travel freely within the union’s 54 countries without a visa. Government officials and heads of state at the A.U. headquarters in Ethiopia, will be the first to use the all-Africa passport, which is expected to expand to all citizens in 2018.

Although there are many benefits, the passport could have an opposite effect given the threat of terrorism. The Motherland continues to be vulnerable to increased acts of terror, with recent attacks in Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast.

The "all Africa passport" is a step toward enabling deeper integration, increased trade and further development. Just as important, the passport is a powerful symbol of unity across Africa – and simultaneously a step toward connecting African countries economically and politically.

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