People Matter, Period

This week, high-profile police killings of two black men—Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile, who was killed in Falcon Heights, Minnesota—have renewed heated debates about police violence, and brought the Black Lives Matter movement back into the spotlight.

Now, the horrific shootings of the #Dallas5 only intensifies the confusion and hurt multiple families are feeling now. All in all, fathers won't be with their kids or families this weekend, for Thanksgiving or even this Christmas. No matter what kind of fight we think this is, or what the goal was, nobody won.

Many want a solution but it seems we are all scrambling. There's too much anger; there's too much hurt to articulate what is needed. Whether it be organizing, marching, or even planning something significantly strategic, hopefully we will be able to focus soon. Although painful, we have to move on.

My sincere prayers go out to all who have lost their loved ones this week.

All people matter, period.

#People #Shootings #Dallas #Police #Philando #Alton

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