Who Should Run Your Social Media?

This could turn into several blog posts because it touches on various aspects of a recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. For this post, though, we’ll keep it relatively simple: Who is the best for your business?

The conventional logic that many use is that you should hire a Millennial (someone roughly 20-32 right now) to do social media, because many of this generation grew up with digital/mobile/social and might be more effective at it.

Although popular opinion leads to the selection of Millennials, there is one potential concern: oftentimes, even though they grew up using social on a personal level, the professionalism you need them to have may not be there. The professional level, in terms of tone and alignment with business goals, people and all things such as "life" can be very different. This is something you should strongly consider and be mindful of.

The alternative group of people would be of the Gen-X/Boomer generation (34-60s right now). They are the most willing to learn and grow for a company. They possess the experience with business, social, corporate and life that are needed in order for most businesses to thrive and survive. Look around, there are plenty of them out there with a background in writing, marketing, social, branding and business forecasting.

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